HelpTank pilot now complete

HelpTank pilot now complete. 

20th April 2017.  

The HelpTank pilot ran between December 2017 and March 2017. 
We want to thank our participating skilled volunteers and not for profit organisations for playing an important role in kick-starting New Zealand's helping revolution. You have helped us to develop a go-to site for professionals looking to volunteer their skills and not-for-profits in need of pro bono help!

How did the pilot go?

In total, 39 projects received a total of 624 hours of pro-bono help!

Common Unity Project in Wellington, for example, recruited the General Manager of Supply Chain and Distribution at Z Energy to develop an organisational strategy for them, while the Sir Peter Blake Trust found a match with the Marketing Department of Westpac. The Graphic Designer at NZ Post was selected by Autism NZ to get creative with their brochures, and The Clown Doctors now have a professional from Spark redesigning their website. 

What our participants told us

In March, we asked all participants in the pilot about their experience. We wanted to know their thoughts on our future plans, the quality of the service they received, how their project went, and much more. We wanted to find ways of ensuring we are providing a service that the people of New Zealand want to be a part of. 

For the most part, participants thoroughly enjoyed the process, with 94% saying that they would recommend it to their colleagues.

The most common issue for both the professional and not for profit was the estimated time frame to complete a project. We have taken this on board and designed project templates for not-for-profits to use, which include a more accurate estimated timeframe. These templates also aim to save the hassle and time of writing and uploading a project. 

We received feedback from organisations that were not matched with a professional and they wanted to know how many projects were successful and to understand what types of projects people want to volunteer for. 

Of the 39 projects that were matched, 30% of those were matched with professionals in the marketing and communications sector. This includes projects such as marketing strategies for volunteer recruitment, communications strategies, and digital marketing strategies. 16% of the matches were made with business developers for projects such as a sustainability hack and business plan developments. 8% of the matches were with software developers who worked mostly on website developments. The remaining matches were made up of professionals in human resources, analytics, accounting, legal, graphic design, database administration and editorial.

Comments from not for profit organisations included:
•    This process helped me access “skills I wish I had” 
•    I am now “interested to learn those skills now” 
•    The platform is “very intuitive” 
•    The HelpTank team were “really on to it and great at keeping in touch” and “extremely nice and helpful”

And from our volunteers:
•    “It has been a very positive experience for our business
•    Volunteering has “given me a boost” 
•    Overall this “was a great experience, as I met some great people through the process, and the work done will truly help the organisation”

So, thank you to our pilot participants for playing a pivotal role in ensuring HelpTank is ready for the rest of New Zealand.  We are continuing to test and improve the platform. We continue to welcome feedback and comments to help make sure our service meets the needs of volunteers and not for profits.

HelpTank will be available to all New Zealanders from June 2017.