Skylight launch their new Resilience Hub with help from our volunteers

“I felt coming to a new country I wanted to put my skills in use where I can serve the community” Bala, a business analyst said

In July last year, Skylight, a nation wide Wellington based not for profit, registered with HelpTank in an effort to find a skilled volunteer to help them develop their major digital project: the Resilience Hub. Fast forward to 2018, where HelpTank has partnered Skylight with not just one volunteer, but six, each bringing their own unique skills and backgrounds to the tasks at hand.

Skylight works with children, young people, their families/whānau, and friends to navigate through times of trauma, loss, and grief. Using HelpTank, a digital marketplace that connects skilled professionals keen to donate their time, with non-for profit organisations that can benefit from their expertise, Skylight was able to easily get the help they needed. Their first application to HelpTank sought a volunteer who could help write a business case to apply for funding from the Ministry of Education.

Enter Keith, from Z Energy, who was able to help Skylight using his two paid volunteering days through Z’s volunteer programme. With an abundance of skills to offer, he was excited when Z Energy’s volunteering programme shifted towards skills-based volunteering. HelpTank was a great tool in his search to match his skills to an opportunity. “Putting business cases together is something I kind of dabble in at Z. I think it was a great opportunity to see how I could apply those skills to an external organisation and see if they stack up there as well.” Keith’s invaluable skills lead to a successful business case, as Skylight was approved for the Ministry of Education funding to start the development of the organisation’s ‘Resilience Hub’.

However, even with funding, Skylight still needed to access specific skills pro bono and sought another HelpTank volunteer to offer advice on the creation of a 6-month work plan and strategy on the digital transformation of Skylight. Jane, with strategy and project management experience volunteered, having had a gap between contracts. In addition to the initial input into the strategy, she continued volunteering to provide project management to the initial development of the Resilience Hub. “It was an opportunity I'm really grateful for as it meant I could contribute in a small way alongside a group of people who are genuinely making a difference that matters every day" Jane said.

Undergoing a major digital project, it was a perfect time to review their CRM Strategy and other operating systems. Several volunteers came on board to develop different aspects of this task. One of the volunteers, Bala, a business analyst, continued to provide key ongoing support to the development of the project. “I felt coming to a new country I wanted to put my skills in use where I can serve the community” Bala said.

Skylight is the perfect example of a not for profit using HelpTank to resource project development each step of the way. It also demonstrates the ripple effect of volunteering, and how the efforts of a single volunteer can spark a change that will benefit thousands of children, young people and families.

Skylight’s Fundraising and Promotions manager, Stephanie loves it. “We love Helptank! We feel really grateful and very lucky. The organisation has benefited hugely and the spirit of generosity is really humbling to see how people give of their time and their professional skills”.

You can view Skylights new Resilience Hub HERE