Help organise our first fundraising event!

Help organise our first fundraising event!

Help organise our first fundraising event!
ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

Estimated Time: 20 - 30 Hours Over 2 - 3 Months

In June 2018, ChangeMakers Refugee Forum is holding our first major fundraising event. This will have a corporate focus & will be focused on changing the narrative around the contribution that former refugees provide to NZ socially & economically. We have some fabulous speakers & venue already lined up. We need a volunteer to help organise the event and create a marketing campaign to generate interest in the event & encourage people to buy tickets. We expect the campaign to be primarily using digital media, but we're open to also exploring opportunities in print media.

Working location

You can work from home/office or virtually. We envison that it would start off as a commitment of a few hours a week with extra coming up to the actual event.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Meet/speak with the General Manager to get an overview of the event & current channels being used (1 hour)

Design an event plan and a marketing campaign to publicise the event (2-3 hours)

Finalise with the General Manager (1 hour)

Implementation of plan (2-3 hours per week X 7 weeks)

This is an estimate of time needed and we can agree a timeframe and plan that suits as a first step.

What We Have In Place

An appealing event with well known/inspiring speakers & a fantastic venue
Website, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), Supporters database
A large volunteer network

ChangeMakers Refugee Forum
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