Champions of Stroke need a strategic plan

Champions of Stroke need a strategic plan

Champions of Stroke need a strategic plan
Champions of Stroke

Estimated Time: 18 - 20 Hours Over 1 - 3 Weeks

Champions of Stroke has been formed by a small group of people who have had "Stroke" touch their lives in one way or another. We need some help to guide us along the setting up of our Group and help with a strategic plan. Our goal is to raise awareness in the community about Life after Stroke, the challenges, the rewards - to take away the stigma and isolation that so often follows. By raising awareness, we can help others with support and guidance or just knowing they are not alone. We know that over 9000 New Zealanders each year have a stroke, generally that equates to one person every hour. Because of advances in stroke treatment, more survive, but live with ongoing disabilities. Many live a life of isolation and frustration as they cannot obtain the help and support needed not only for them, but their extended families as well. With stroke being the number 1 cause of disability in New Zealand, we believe it is time to raise more awareness.

Working location

Based in Dunedin, we are very flexible, and happy to work virtually as most of the group work full time. We do have lunchtime meetings and early evening, but would be happy to fit in with our volunteer.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

We would be guided by our volunteer regarding time estimates for our strategic plan.
Here is an estimate time commitment:
Initial meeting - one hour
Reading background information and research - 5 hours
Strategy workshop (incl prep)- 5 hours
Strategic plan creation/writeup - 5 hours
Review meeting - one hour
Final edits - one hour
The plan needs to be a working document and guide as we build our group and resources.

What We Have In Place

A core group of 6 people.
Our group is quietly supported (not financially) by the Stroke Foundation.
Enthusiasm and Motivation and a desire to achieve.
We are working on our Logo at the moment.
We have arranged an Art Exhibition for October this year to launch our Group. The exhibition will be art/crafts provided by people in our community who have had a stroke.

See below from a planning meeting - our first group meeting in March 2018
Life After Stroke (for All)
Raise awareness in community about LAS
Breaking down barriers
Possible projects
“Strokes not SEXY”
Living with Stroke
• Community Awareness
• Physical
• Transport
• Employment
Key Messages
• Neuro Fatigue
• Not everyone/every stroke is the same
• Disability maybe hidden
• We are not stupid
• There is life after stroke it’s just different
• Breaking down barriers
• Educating the wider community about stroke
• Affects the whole family and significant others
• The loss of our “dreams”
Social Stories Book
Website Design (Interactive)
Media Publicity
• The Star
• The ODT
• TV
Commercial Employment Groups
• Employers Association
• Chamber of Commerce (after 5 business functions
• Zonta/Rotary/Lions/Probus
Community Awareness
• Community Art Exhibition
• Meridian Mall

Ask Roger Hall to write a play

Facebook page/interactive

Small campaigns around community events
• Surf/Stadium Walk
• Masters Games

Form a “steering commity”
Wider conversations within the stroke community for “projects”

Chamber of Commerce
Turbo Web
Photos – Book/Stories for Art Exhibition
Contact Person for steering group
Ray White

Steering Committee
• Brenda
• Gary
• Lyn
• Kathy
• Karen
• Jenny







Champions of Stroke
Community Group
Family Support
Good Cause
Social Services
Need help to create a mission statement please see below which is something we have started with and agree upon.
What we Do
Our goal is to educate and raise awareness in our community about Life after stroke and living with the impact this has on the person who had the stroke, but also family, employers and the wider community - the challenges and the rewards. The key is take the stigma, invisibility and isolation away and create conversations in our community. When stroke comes into someones life they know there are others out there for support and advice.