Seeking advice on our financial system!

Seeking advice on our financial system!

Seeking advice on our financial system!
Up2.NZ Limited trading as UPTO?

Estimated Time: 3 - 5 Hours Over 0 - 1 Weeks

We require a volunteer to review our financial system and ensure that we are following all legal requirements and have a plan in place for when we require employees. I am the founder and developing UPTO? on my own and due to the expense of accounting services and the enormity of getting this part of our social enterprise wrong I would appreciate advice and guidance from an experienced accountant or book keeper to help set up all financial requirements and prepare for future requirements.

Working location

I am available any time that suits the volunteer via online video calling or telephone

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step 1 - review current accounting process and systems
Step 2 - suggest improvements

What We Have In Place

Manual system

Up2.NZ Limited trading as UPTO?
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UPTO? is a social enterprise aimed at improving mental well-being in young kiwis by building connections in the community. Through mobile software, we will reach rangatahi in their own spaces, offer support and introduce them to positive cultural experiences.
Up2.NZ Limited trading as UPTO?