Help us tell our story on our new website

Help us tell our story on our new website

Help us tell our story on our new website
Fork Plastic

Estimated Time: 10 - 20 Hours Over 2 - 8 Weeks

We are looking for a word wizard - someone who will help us with the content creation for our website. We have a wonderful project and we would love to be able to tell our story to public in an engaging and interesting way. We believe that the right words can touch hearts. Even difficult topics - like pollution of the environment can be told in the way that doesn't scare or push people away. We want our tone of voice to be fresh, inspiring & captivating. Could you help us :) ?

Working location

anywhere in Aotearoa

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1. Have a look at our current website (not pubic yet, we will share a link to our WIP version)
2. Suggest tone of voice
3. Create new content for website (or revise the existing content)

What We Have In Place

We have tried to develop our own content but we are not confident about it and we believe with your skills, you can help us do it better :)

Fork Plastic
Good Cause
Our mission is to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and SUPPORT people to take action on the issue of plastic pollution.
What we Do
An average New Zealander creates 3.68 kg of waste EVERY DAY. One day, we looked around us and all the rubbish around and though – FORK THAT! Fork Plastic is part of the movement fighting plastic pollution. We do this via raising awareness and supporting people whose ideas and solutions will give us alternatives or help us dealing with existing plastic pollution related issues. We buy t-shirts in second hand stores, these stores often have a charitable background, fundraising for a good-cause (red cross, breast cancer society, orphanages, homeless people...) Not only we do not contribute to creating more than there is, we are taking unwanted tees and giving them a new purpose! We screen print tees with designs which picture issues arising from pollution. T-shirts are printed in New Zealand, using an eco-friendly water based ink. All the profit from selling our Fork Plastic tees are going to organisations/projects involved with fighting plastic pollution.
Fork Plastic