Videographer for Surf Lifesaving

Videographer for Surf Lifesaving

Videographer for Surf Lifesaving
Orewa Surf Life Saving Club Inc

Estimated Time: 5 - 9 Hours Over 1 - 2 Weeks

We are seeking a videographer to film a one minute introduction to Orewa Surf Saving Club. We need your help to film this in Owera sometime in June (to be arranged). The clip will form part of a larger piece of work in progress. You will need to bring your own equipment

Working location

We need to film in a location in Owera

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Brief and Planning (1 hour)
Film a person giving a 1 minute introduction. (1-2 hours)
Edit and submit final clip for approval. (3-6 hours)

What We Have In Place

Person to be filmed giving the intro
Exact location in Orewa to be determined.

Orewa Surf Life Saving Club Inc
Community Group
As guardians of the beach we pride ourselves in providing a high-quality volunteer life guard service to all beach goers. Our role is to ensure that everyone who comes to the beach enjoys their time and returns home safely. Since 1950 we have performed more than 1,200 rescues.
What we Do
The club's key focus is on Life Saving, Junior Lifeguards (Youth Development) and Surf Sport. This community service is delivered in the form of beach patrols, rescues and assistance to the public across the two beaches and the related oceans and estuaries all year-round. Surf lifesaving is an essential, and not a discretionary service. This is in addition to training as lifeguards and in first aid, coastguard VHF radio, IRB drivers, crewmen and instructors.