Develop our business case

Develop our business case

Develop our business case
West Auckland Youth Development Trust

Estimated Time: 8 - 10 Hours Over 1 - 1 Weeks

We are in the process of starting up the West Auckland Boxing Academy - a new charity. We have signed the Billy Graham Youth Foundation (BGYF) terms of engagement where we use the successful model of boxing academy as a way to inspire and engage young people locally. We would like a volunteer who can write up a succinct business case or 'our pitch' so can can use to assist us to get funding. We are following a well known and successful way of youth development but we want a volunteer who can put this together specific to our academy's local youth need.

Working location

Based in Henderson, Auckland or flexible. Can work online with a volunteer from anywhere on this project

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step one: review relevant materials on organisation and website information (1 hour)

Step two: Volunteer analyses material and meet to brainstorm key messages. and other relevant information
:(1-2 hours)

Step three: Writing - drafts the business case and sends to the organisation
(4-5 hours)

Step four: Feedback and finalising
Incorporate edits any additional information
(1-2 hours)

What We Have In Place

Information on our charity
Charitable trust set up and registered
Governance board established and meetings taken place
Limited operations in youth development started early June

West Auckland Youth Development Trust
Community Group
Health and Nutrition
Wellbeing - Children
Helping West Auckland youth become champion men and woman.
What we Do
Help and support the educational, social and physical development of West Auckland (WA) youth Provide support for WA youth who are socially disadvantaged Provide facilities and other appropriate assistance to WA youth Foster and encourage interests enabling youth to improve self-worth and behaviour