Mother Language Facebook Stories Promo

Mother Language Facebook Stories Promo

Mother Language Facebook Stories Promo
English Language Partners Porirua

Estimated Time: 9 - 12 Hours Over 1 - 1 Weeks

We need someone to create some short videos of some of our students talking, in their mother language, about their English langauge learning experience with us that can be put on Facebook. When going onto Facebook we need the English translation to roll across the screen as the student is speaking (translation will be provided). We are looking for a volunteer who come come and video our students and do some post productions afterwards This is to help us promote our fee free English language classes to a much bigger audience through having them in the mother language.

Working location

English Language Partners Polrirua, Level 1, 3 Hartham Place South, Porirua. Can meet at my office or elsewhere, and preferable during the working day or on a Wednesday evening before 7pm. Some / all of the videoing will be on a Saturday.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step 1. Meet to discuss the project and what both ELP and the volunteer need, and to get availability from volunteer (1 hour)
Step 2 ELP Manager to organise students to participate and send a schedule to volunteer for confirmation
Step 3 Filming is carried out by volunteer (2-3 hours)
Step 4 Draft edit sent to ELP Manager for approval (4-5 hours)
Step 5 Translation provided and subtitles is added to the videos (2 hours)
Step 6 Videos to be finalised and save in a format that is Facebook friendly. (1-2 hours)
ELP Manager to place these videos on community Facebook pages.

What We Have In Place

Some of the students and their wording both in English and Arabic
We do have a camera that is capable of taking video...but would be happy with a phone also
Computers to do the editing.

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