Illustrator/Animator needed!

Illustrator/Animator needed!

Illustrator/Animator needed!
Healing Innovation Hub

Estimated Time: 15 - 20 Hours Over 4 - 6 Days

Our charity mission is to promote holistic health & wellbeing using therapy & innovation. Suicide prevention, mental health, & traumas are our primary problems our charity is tackling currently with our programmes & resources. We are currently designing an education programme to tackle both the mental health & housing crisis. We are seeking an Illustrator/Animator - bonus if you can do Maori designs. This is for our HAUORA KAINGA - TINY HOMES education programme. We have already done up this education programme. Now we are just needing to add more illustrations to our content.

Working location

Wherever you are

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Research our current Tiny Homes education programme, see what illustrations would best suit the content
- Design different illustrations to suit the content of the education programme

What We Have In Place

- HAUORA KAING - TINY HOMES education training modules
- Website
- Builders for education advice

Healing Innovation Hub
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Healing Innovation Hub’s mission is to break the stigma of mental health, traumas and suicide. By going innovative with healing solutions, we are exposing mindfulness therapy into innovation resources to appeal to different age groups, cultures, genders and beliefs.
What we Do
Our mission is to achieve the following outcomes: To promote holistic health and well-being in the community To establish and operate an indigenous helpline (Rongoā Korero) across different communication platforms, to provide high-quality advocacy and counselling support for individuals nationwide To promote and improve community access to health and well-being resources, including by: creating and providing access to a database of holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources providing a referral process to holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources To undertake research and development projects and collaborate with tertiary institutions and technology organisations to develop innovative resources to promote and improve holistic health and well-being To develop accessible digital applications and other resources, to promote and improve community health and well-being To provide therapeutic programmes
Healing Innovation Hub