About us

HelpTank strengthens communities through supplying skilled volunteers to community organisations. We know people want to use their skills for good, and we know not for profits need specialist help. HelpTank is a digital marketplace connecting you so you can make a bigger difference, together.


New Zealand community organisations do important work everyday, but they can lack resource to engage the specialist skills needed to fulfil their ambitions. 

HelpTank connects these organisations with professionally-skilled volunteers with expertise in the discipline being requested, for example, business development, law, accounting, marketing, communications and many more.  


So, how does it work?

Community organisations register with HelpTank, and fill out a template which says what type of volunteering help they’re looking for. They list this project on HelpTank. They then wait for a suitable volunteer to connect.

People with professional skills who want to use them pro bono register and search for a project that matches their expertise, interests and location. They then apply for the project. HelpTank can also implement skilled volunteering programmes for employers or other networks, providing an easy way to mobilise staff or members and generating data on the difference they’ve made. 

Please note: HelpTank specialises in matching volunteers with expertise in the discipline they want to volunteer in. If you’re looking to volunteer to gain skills and get work experience, rather than to share existing skills, please contact your local volunteer centre or apply via Seek Volunteering.  

HelpTank is a project by the Who Did You Help Today Trust.