For enterprises

HelpTank for enterprises is a customisable approach to deliver your employee or group volunteering programme. We connect your people with the causes they are passionate about that need their skills.

At HelpTank, we’re on a mission to revolutionise pro bono. By making it easier for skilled professionals to connect with community organisations, we aim to create mutually beneficial experiences that impact every corner of New Zealand.

HelpTank will:

Efficiently provide volunteering opportunities for your staff to choose from

Motivate your people to volunteer through providing communication, information, and updates on just-listed opportunities

Give you an account manager to facilitate matches, answer questions and resolve any issues

Generate data to measure the impact of your skilled volunteering.

Provide case studies and other tailored services to support your communication, reporting and impact. 

Here's what some of the skilled corporate volunteers have said about HelpTank:

“It’s given me a boost. Really great to have a push to help other people.”

“Made me aware of a local organisation that is doing good work in a sphere that is making a real difference in people’s lives. It got me to learn a lot more about the topic and become more aware of legislation and government position on it”

“It has shown me how easy it is to find an organisation in need and empowered me to help!”

Here's what community organisations have said about the impact of a skilled corporate volunteer through HelpTank:

“It helped us achieve one objective in our project list which was pending due to a lack of resources”.

“Very strengthening to know we can reach out for help when we need”.

“It has given us the opportunity to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy we would not have the skills or the finances to do this without HelpTank”.

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