Project Guide

Creating a strategic plan

This information will help you compile a project for a volunteer to create a roadmap for achieving your organisation's goals over the next 3-5 years.

Skills required

You're likely to require the volunteer to have:

  • Experience creating and analysing strategic or business plans
  • Good writing skills

Likely project deliverables

The pro bono professional will deliver some or all of the following:

  • Analyse the organisation's current needs, long-term goals, current programmes
  • Complete a workshop with the community organisation including a SWOT analysis
  • Recommend an appropriate course of action to reach their objectives, including a budget and success measures
  • Draft a plan that outlines the resources and steps needed to help the organisation get there

Estimated time required

A project like this could be expected to take the volunteer 18-20 hours over two-three weeks - but the amount of consultation required can impact this.

This project may also benefit from two or more volunteers teaming up to deliver it given its size. If you are happy to work with a team of professionals as well as an individual, make this clear in your project description.

Example of project steps with time estimates

Step one: Volunteer reviews relevant materials

The community organisation gives the volunteer relevant information, for example existing strategic planning, SWOT information, mission statement, vision and goals.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: three hours reading and reflecting


Step two: Analysis and workshopping

Volunteer analyses material and may conduct a workshop with the community organisation to discuss the objectives, strategies and course of action.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: five hours in preparation and meeting


Step three: Writing and recommendations

Volunteer drafts the strategic plan using the information that has been gathered to date.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: five hours


The organisation provides feedback on the draft. Note, this may involve the volunteer attending a workshop; or the volunteer manager may collate any feedback and either email or discuss with the volunteer.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours


Step four: Delivery of plan

Volunteer incorporates the feedback and updates the document or output, providing them to the charity with any explanatory comment.


Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours incorporating feedback and one hour meeting with charity (if needed).

Check: before you list this project your organisation will have:

  1. Identified the information that will brief and support the volunteer to do this project
  2. Made decisions about who needs to be consulted with and how (incl. CEO and Board of trustees)
  3. Done the necessary thinking about what the strategic plan needs to include and reflect