Project Guide

Communications plan

This information will help you compile a project for a volunteer to create a communications plan for your organisation.

Skills required

You’re likely to require the volunteer to have:

  • Experience in communications, marketing or public relations
  • Experience in communications planning

Likely project deliverables

The pro bono professional will deliver the following:

  • A review of your current communications approach including any goals, strategy or planning, , channels and target audiences
  • Completion of a communications plan
  • Messages for specific audiences and recommended delivery methods

Estimated time required

A project like this could be expected to take the volunteer 16-20 hours over 1-2 months

Example of project steps with time estimates

Step one: Materials and information supplied to volunteer

The not for profit gives the volunteer existing and relevant information about the organisation, for example: strategic plan and communications/marketing strategy/plan, any key communication documents and links to online information.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: three-four hours reading and preparing for next meeting


Step two: Brainstorming session

The not for profit and volunteer meet to discuss the current state, future objectives and begin workshopping the communications plan content.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours in meeting


Step three: Completing communications plan

Volunteer drafts the communications plan and shares this with the organisation.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: eight to ten hours


Step four: Meet to discuss the draft communications plan

Volunteer and the not for profit meet to discuss the draft

Likely time commitment for volunteer: one hour


Step five: Feedback and finalising

Volunteer incorporates the feedback from the not for profit and updates the plan, and delivers this to the organisation

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours

Check: before you list this project your organisation will have:

  • Identified the information that will brief and support the volunteer to do this project including your strategic documents and plans
  • Clear understanding of what your ojbectives are to provide the volunteer with direction
  • Knowledge of your target audiences and existing communications channels