Project Guide

Operational budget

This information will help you compile a project for a volunteer to help you create a detailed operational budget for at least one financial year.

Skills required

You're likely to require the volunteer to have:

  • Experience creating operational budgets
  • Expert skills in managing actuals vs budgeted items in a budget

Likely project deliverables

The pro bono professional will deliver the following:

  • A detailed operating budget for your organisation
  • Advice on how to reconcile actuals vs budgeted items in your budget

Estimated time required

A project like this could be expected to take the volunteer 12-16 hours over three weeks

Example of project steps with time estimates

Step one: Review relevant materials

The volunteer reviews materials currently being used by the organisation such as financial planning documents, current budget, financial statements, fundraising plan and businesses or strategic plan.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours


Step two: Working meeting

Volunteer and not for profit meet to discuss any issues or questions relating to the budget and to outline the proposed operating budget requirements.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two to three hours


Step three: Budget creation

Volunteer creates the budget and shares with the organisation for feedback.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: four to six hours


Step four: Finalising and advice

Volunteer incorporates feedback and changes and supplies final operating budget to the organisation to begin using along with advice around how to manage the budget on an ongoing basis.

Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours

Check: before you list this project your organisation will have:

  • Identified relevant materials for the volunteer to review including current operating budget and financial statements.
  • Identified supporting materials useful for the volunteer to review such as a business or strategic plan.