How HelpTank works for professionals

HelpTank makes it easy for talented professionals to give their skills to fantastic community projects in need, making giving even more powerful than ever!

Search the available volunteering opportunities, by cause, skill, and location.
Click “Apply now” on a project of interest. Your request will be sent to the organisation.
More info
If the organisation needs more information or wants to talk to you, they’ll be in touch.
Get matched
If you and the organisation both decide it’s a good fit, you’ll begin working together!

How HelpTank works for community organisations

HelpTank supplies community organisations with specialist skills pro bono. It’s our way of supporting the important work of the community sectorG

Define your pro bono
Outline your needs supported by our templates and tips, and list your project!
Assess applications from keen professionals.
Get started
Start working with your professional.

How HelpTank works for enterprises

We partner with companies, networks and organisations to connect your team’s skill sets with meaningful volunteer opportunities. Then we report back on your contribution.

Set your organisation up on HelpTank.
Promote volunteering
Motivate your staff to act using communications we supply.
Your people volunteer.
Receive data and stories on the difference you’re making in communities.