Kiwi Kids Music new strategic direction

It is often said music brings people together. That was certainly the case recently, when the Kiwi Kids Music Trust Board and strategy expert and volunteer Kyung-il Min joined forces around the whiteboard in the APRA AMCOs NZ boardroom, to help develop the Trust’s strategy.

The Kiwi Kids Music Trust is dedicated to creating opportunities for all kiwi kids and their whanau to engage with New Zealand music created specifically for them, and to encouraging them to express their unique Kiwi identity through the creative arts.

In doing so the Trust aims to support and strengthen the New Zealand children’s music industry through providing local musicians with a collective hub, workshops and mentoring to improve their business, marketing and performance skills.

The Trust needed the help of a strategy expert, and Kyung-il saw the opportunity to combine his passion for music and professional expertise by volunteering to run a strategic planning workshop for the Trust Board. The connection was made through HelpTank, New Zealand’s homegrown digital platform for skilled volunteering, where Kiwi Kids Music had listed a project seeking a strategy mentor.

Suzy Cato of Kiwi Kids Music said “Kyung-il was the perfect person to help us, combining his passion for music with his skills in strategic development; facilitating the event with his open and collaborative style. By the end of our day of strategic planning, we had clearly articulated our goals and identified how to start bringing those goals to life.”