Kaibosh look to automate their processes

Dan Tong, a software developer is currently volunteering with Kaibosh Food Rescue and loving it!

“Volunteering at Kaibosh has been a great way to contribute to the awesome work they are doing, whilst applying and developing my skills outside of my day job. I am loving working with Matt and the wonderful team at Kaibosh.”

Dan applied to volunteer with Kaibosh through HelpTank earlier this year. Kaibosh Food Rescue, New Zealand’s first food rescue organisation saw an opportunity to automate some of their manual processes to electronic format, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. They needed volunteers with specific software technical skills and user experience expertise to assist them in their project. Fortunately, Dan had both skill sets and they haven’t looked back! Matt Dagger, General Manager is really pleased to have Dan helping them with a project that has actually become far bigger than originally expected.

“Dan is a genius! He is a real pleasure to work with so more than happy with progress.”

We are looking forward to hearing how Dan’s skills will impact on Kaibosh.