Lending financial know-how to Nisa

Pro bono accountancy advice can be difficult to come by, but HelpTank makes it easy.

Nisa is an underwear label and social enterprise that employs women from refugee backgrounds.
Earlier this year, Elisha, the brand’s founder, listed a project on HelpTank to find an accountant who
could look over their books and share some expertise to help them grow.

Keith, an accountant, registered as a volunteer on HelpTank applied for the project, citing in his
application his years of experience in the area.

After Nisa matched with him, they didn’t look back. “Keith was so awesome - a fresh pair of eyes to
look over our accounts. He brought with him a lifetime of knowledge and skill.”

"I helped NISA by producing a budget for them and added a bit more understanding of the costs of

Skilled volunteering is a rewarding way to give your time to a charity who really needs it.

“This was a very positive experience for me” Keith said, “I enjoyed my time with them immensely and am glad
they got something out of it. I am more than happy to assist them again on the same basis and have
made that known to them."

A huge thanks to Keith for his contribution and sharing his skills.