Help us market our educational card game

Help us market our educational card game

Help us market our educational card game

Estimated Time: 12 - 16 Hours Over 1 - 2 Months

We need a fantastic marketer to help us develop a marketing strategy for our educational card game. We would also be interested in a small team (2 to 3) of marketing ideas people who could collectively come up with our strategy. We are open to ideas and keen to promote our great game! Best possible outcomes would be: A strategy that outlines our marketing goals, target audiences and strategies Analysis of our audience segments A plan that outlines how to deliver the marketing strategies Metrics that identify how we will measure success Any help toward our goal would be much appreciated.

Working location

Preferably Wellington based.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step one: Materials and information supplied to volunteer

The not for profit gives the volunteer relevant information about the organisation, for example: strategic plan, mission statement, vision, budget and goals.
Likely time commitment for volunteer: three-four hours reading and reflecting

Step two: Brainstorming session

The not for profit and volunteer meet to discuss the marketing goals, target audiences and possible strategies, as well as the steps for the project.
Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours preparing for meeting and two hours in meeting

Step three: Completing marketing strategy

Volunteer drafts the marketing strategy and shares the information with the organisation. In this step, the volunteer may choose to share the strategy with the not for profit in a number of draft formats e.g. when target audiences have been completed, when strategy is completed, when the full draft is completed.
Likely time commitment for volunteer: 10-12 hours

Step four: Feedback and finalising

Volunteer incorporates the feedback from the not for profit and updates the strategy, and delivers this to the organisation
Likely time commitment for volunteer: two hours

What We Have In Place

We have a developed game and a great team

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