Your communications skills are needed

Your communications skills are needed

Your communications skills are needed
Addiction Practitioner Association Aotearoa New Zealand (dapaanz)

Estimated Time: 8 - 10 Hours Over 1 - 10 Days

We are looking for a communications guru who can make complex information about our registration processes easily understandable for our members. This task will make it much easier for our members and future members (people working with people affected by addiction), to understand the qualification and experiential requirements of people seeking endorsement or registration so that they can easily follow their chosen career path in addiction. Specific deliverables include: -Review and rewrite information on the dapaanz website on the endorsement and registration processes so that it is easy to follow understand (while also protecting the integrity of registration processes and requirements -Develop any interactive, diagramatic that will help make complex processes more easily understood -Use dapaanz material to develop an easy to understand form/process for people who are applying for exemption from any part of the dapaanz endorsement/registration process

Working location

Wellington CBD

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Brief and review existing information (two pages) 1 hour
Design and develop more effective ways to communicate this information 2 hours
Write the information in clear, concise, everyday language 3 hours
Develop any supporting materials (eg diagram) 2 hours

What We Have In Place

Sue Paton Executive Director will be your key contact. We have a committee set up to provide content expertise and oversee the process made up of the Executive Director and two board members.

Addiction Practitioner Association Aotearoa New Zealand (dapaanz)
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Our members are passionate about making a difference for individuals, whānau and communities affected by addiction. we are passionate about making a difference for our members.
What we Do
-We foster and maintain competent and ethical practice in addiction treatment -We ensure that addiction practitioners are the best they can be by providing professional development (PD) opportunities and monitoring PD through our endorsement and registration processes. -We advocate for the addiction workforce and those affected by addiction