Share your social media savvy skills!

Share your social media savvy skills!

Share your social media savvy skills!
ChangeMakers Refugee Forum

Estimated Time: 3 - 4 Hours Over 1 - 1 Weeks

We need to improve our social media outreach and need a social media expert to develop a strategy to help us expand how we tell our story and determine who best to share our story with. We are also seeking a volunteer to implemented that strategy if you were up for the task! We would be happy with a great strategy to help us on our way if you can't.

Working location

Virtual is fine or you are welcome to work in our Wellington office during business hours.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step 1 Briefing and background 1 hour

Step 2 Review of existing platforms, analytics, discuss approach and methods, objectives 1-2 hours

Step 3 Write up of strategy 1 hour

We would also appreciate help with implementing implementing our social media strategy which would be 2 to 3 hours per week.

What We Have In Place

We have the following social media networks already operating - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Facebook 1:
Facebook 2: Twitter: LinkedIn:
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