Firework fund-raising!

Firework fund-raising!

Firework fund-raising!
Browns Bay School Friends of the School

Estimated Time: 15 - 25 Hours Over 4 - 8 Weeks

We're fundraisers for our children's school but we also wanted to put on an event with a bit of a wow! factor. We came up with Blast in the Bays - the only public Guy Fawkes night on the North Shore. We have to raise money to cover the costs of the event and then proceeds from it will raise money for our playground. We need someone to oversee our sponsorship for us, give us ideas and take part in helping us find sponsor partners (we are a small but engaged team). We want this to be an annual event bringing safe fireworks to thousands of children.

Working location

We're based in Browns Bay, Auckland, but it could be that we could meet via Skype and phone. We are flexible about when the meetings would take place, although we do need help as soon as possible!

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1) initial meeting - 1 hr
2) setting of tasks for the group, how we should pitch our approach to sponsors- 1hr
3) helping to implement sponsorship plan and tasks - 10 hrs approx
4) email communication as needed - estimate 5 hours approx
5) if the volunteer has capacity, help us to make sure we have delivered good value to our sponsors through follow-up communication and a strategy for next year

What We Have In Place

We have compiled a sponsorship document we can send you and our budget. Our school fundraisers have support from an events company for putting together some aspects so we can show you our timeline and other strategies.
Our local business association is also on board and is willing to put in calls and go in for meetings with sponsors. Thanks for reading :)

Browns Bay School Friends of the School
Community Group
We are a group of parents who volunteer to help and support the school with various fundraising and social events. We aim to promote and encourage a close relationship between home, school and community.
What we Do
The F.O.T.S team is a group of volunteer parents/caregivers who meet each month and develop opportunities to: • Support & enhance our children’s school experience and environment through events and resources. • Connect parents with each other, the School Board, teachers and school management. This year we need help to stage a community Guy Fawkes night. The main role we need to fill is someone who can help us with marketing. Thanks for reading