Video Editing Skills Required

Video Editing Skills Required

Video Editing Skills Required

Estimated Time: 8 - 10 Hours Over 0 - 3 Weeks

We are in need of someone to help edit a TEDx talk in to bite size segments to use on social media. We'd like to be able to have them finished with a logo and a link to our website. Ideal timeframe to complete is pre 6th October 2018.

Working location

You could be anywhere as long as you have the required skills.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Intro and brief - 1 hour
Reviewing footage and editing - 5-10 hours
Adding logo and website link - 1-2 hours
Review and final edits - 1-2 hours

(These are estimates, it will depend on how quick you are!)

The ideal finish time is before 6th October.

What We Have In Place

We have the full TEDx talk ready to be cut down.
We have our logo and weblink to be added to the bite size clips.
You are welcome to come and work from our office if needed:

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