Social Media Superhero needed for our first NZ Grandparents Day

Social Media Superhero needed for our first NZ Grandparents Day

Social Media Superhero needed for our first NZ Grandparents Day
Surrogate Grandparents New Zealand Charitable Trust (CC54933)

Estimated Time: 15 - 20 Hours Over 1 - 2 Months

We are looking for an experienced digital marketer/social media extraordinaire to design our social media campaign around our "New Zealand Grandparents Day" initiative on Sunday 28th October. We will be running events and activities throughout the week leading up to this day. We are looking for a plan to be designed. This is our Inaugural New Zealand Grandparents Day and we have a corporate partner, Metlifecare who are joining us. We are excited about this initiative and would really like to push it hard to make it a big success. All going well it will become a day that is on everyone's calendar each year. We would also love some help with implementing the plan until just after the date but would also be happy with the initial design stage. Any help would be amazing! We are mostly using Facebook over two pages, and have one instagram account but will need to set another one up. We need your help ASAP to plan and get started! Be at the start of something BIG and make a difference!

Working location

Flexible. We do not have an office base as such, but are happy to meet with you in Auckland, or skype/zoom/email if you are elsewhere. Work can be done from home at any time.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Yes you want to help? Fabulous! We need you ASAP!

We would like the plan to be developed and approved by end of September 2018 for work to commence Monday 1st October latest. If you can do it before all the better :)

Timescales to be agreed with the volunteer from the outset depending on whether it is help the planning stage only or also helping out with the implementing of the plan. We would be grateful for either.

New Zealand Grandparents Day is 28th October so four weeks of activity prior, then with follow up, news, event pics followed by teasers for next year

What We Have In Place

We currently have:
* a logo
* Tag line/Hashtag #DoSomethingGrandNZ
* two facebook page(s), & * two websites and in development (will be launched end of September)
* one instagram account plus another will need to be set up and developed.
* a small marketing budget for posts/advertising - subject to approval.

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