Digital marketer needed immediately!

Digital marketer needed immediately!

Digital marketer needed immediately!
ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum

Estimated Time: 12 - 13 Hours Over 6 - 6 Weeks

We would really would appreciate help from a skilled digital marketer who could assist with promoting our crowdfunding campaign. We have a new crowdfunding campaign to fund our refugee women's driver training programme and urgently need someone to help us run it. If you have skills digital marketer, digital campaigner, comms expert or similar and can jump right in. This could be done from home or in the office and would probably take about 2 hours a week until the campaign ends on the 1st July. An initial meeting of maybe an hour could be done online or in person.

Working location

Located in Wellington but can work from anywhere.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Brief and planning session (1 hour)
6 weeks X 2 hours per week (12)

What We Have In Place

Givealittle page and campaign video

ChangeMakers Resettlement Forum
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