Guide us on registering as a charity

Guide us on registering as a charity

Guide us on registering as a charity
Mangawhai’s Helping Hands

Estimated Time: 7 - 8 Hours Over 2 - 4 Weeks

Mangawhai’s Helping Hands is currently a Facebook Group with over 1,700 members, running as a gifting page and a support network for our local community. We now need to take our group to the next level and would like to register as a charity, whether that be an incorporated society or a not for profit. We are seeking a volunteer with the expertise to guide us on the correct structure and support us with the application process.

Working location


Proposed project steps with time estimates

Brief and Advise on correct structure (1 to 2 hours)
Develop a set of rules for our new trust and prepare Trust Deed or other requirements (5-6 hours)
Apply to charities commission (1 hour)

What We Have In Place

A bank account in my personal banking

Grants awarded to us and upcoming charity events

A treasurer/co-signer

Advice from an accountant

Mangawhai’s Helping Hands
Community Group
MHH is a gifting page and a community support network for the great Mangawhai region
What we Do
Meals For Families, Lunches for Kids, Food Parcels. Book train (Free library), Referrals for Counselling, Budget Advisor Expert Tips, Coffee Groups, Courses (Sewing, knitting), Car Seat Advice, Gifting clothes and bulk goods from Admins, Community Fruit and Vege Stand, Large Free Christmas Function
Mangawhai’s Helping Hands