Are you a whizz with photoshop?

Are you a whizz with photoshop?

Are you a whizz with photoshop?
Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust

Estimated Time: 1 - 1 Hours Over 1 - 1 Days

Help! We are launching ‘Local Legends’ on 3 June. Local Legends are our Ambassadors to promote and endorse the Canterbury Road Trauma Awards. We recently did a photo shoot with some very phenominal people and took photos with the date and time stamp. Eeek! We need these photos for our social media and website for the launch. We would be so incredibly grateful for your support to help us remove the these marks. It's probably a very quick task for anyone with the tools and skills to help!. We'll even give you or your business a shout out on our website in return! The project needs to be complete by 2 June. Thanks so much in advance!

Working location

We are in Christchurch but happy for help from anywhere!

Proposed project steps with time estimates

As above. I would estimate a Graphic Designer would only need less than an hour.

We would be so incredibly grateful to have the project completed by Sunday, 2 June (as we are launching on Monday, 3 June ).

What We Have In Place

We have the photos all we need is your expertise and a little bit of love and attention!

Road Traffic Accident Trauma Charitable Trust
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Social Services
OUR PURPOSE Our sole focus is to make an influential difference and contribution to the reduction of road trauma in our community. We achieve this by embedding ourselves in the heart of our community.
What we Do
ABOUT US 2010 We were founded in provide counselling, advocacy and advice to assist those that have been affected by road traffic accident related trauma which is largely an unmet need in the community. We were initially founded to provide a service for those that do not meet criteria for counselling support under the Accident Compensation Act. This is the first Charitable Trust of its kind in New Zealand. 2012 We were fortunate to form a partnership with the Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust. Through our partnership, we are able to provide meaningful services to our community, this includes our free counselling services. 2016 We developed the concept of New Zealand’s first Road Accident Remembrance Day. This is a large public event to acknowledge those in our community impacted by ro