Google Analytics reporting has to be easier than this!

Google Analytics reporting has to be easier than this!

Google Analytics reporting has to be easier than this!
Auckland Medical Research Foundation

Estimated Time: 3 - 5 Hours Over 1 - 1 Weeks

Are you a whizz with the functionality of Google analytics? We would love a click-and-collect tool for reporting the same GA info routinely. I know that Google Analytics is extremely powerful but it's overkill for the reporting I need to do. I currently compile a quarterly report in Word from screen shots (gasp!) of some of the main reports. I know what I want to show and when, so I think I need help making a custom report from GA's customisation menu, but that interface is just beyond me. Help! Your help would save us so much time reporting!

Working location


Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step one: Brand, visual identity and supporting materials
Description: Volunteer can review our website [if needed] & related info ("What we have in place" - previous reports)
Likely time commitment: ~1 hour

Step two: Briefing or Q&A session
Description: If needed, AMRF is very happy to further explain the problem, requirements and a timeline for delivery.
Likely time commitment: ~1 hour

Step three: Completing concepts and changes
Description: The custom report creation interface appears to be available to anyone via Google and report parameters can be shared so the volunteer can begin process any time. Volunteer creates one or two options and sends to AMRF to review and provide feedback. AMRF will aim to keep the feedback to two to three rounds.
Likely time commitment for volunteer: 1-3 hours

What We Have In Place

- We can send copies of past reports for comparison.
- We can plan the project via email, phone, Trello or Slack, if needed.

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