Daffodil Day coordination help needed!

Daffodil Day coordination help needed!

Daffodil Day coordination help needed!
Cancer Society Auckland Northland

Estimated Time: 35 - 55 Hours Over 8 - 8 Weeks

Cancer Society of New Zealand's Daffodil Day symbolises hope for 1 in 3 New Zealanders affected by cancer and takes place on 30 August. 2019. We, at Cancer Society Auckland Northland, will be coordinating over 2,000 volunteers and need your organisational and logistic skills on one of our largest fundraising days. We are seeking several volunteers to take responsibility for planning. coordinating areas and managing volunteers on the day. We would appreciate if you could help source volunteers for your designated area, lead a team of volunteers and attend Daffodil Day planning and training sessions. If you are interested in helping please apply to be part of making our iconic event a success.

Working location


Proposed project steps with time estimates

Before the event:
- Help source volunteers for your designated area
- Lead a team of volunteers
- Attend Daffodil Day planning and training sessions
- Identify opportunities in your area where a donation box can be hosted for the month of August
- Assist with the recruitment of Daffodil Day street collectors from your own networks
- Maintain a Google Docs roster spreadsheet (Training provided if required)
- Communicate with the street collectors in your area
On the day:
- Arrange for set up of display stands and meet your first volunteers
- Ensure the street collector volunteers are comfortable, aware of guidelines and have the equipment they need
- Circulate between the sites to restock Daffodils and exchange donation buckets
- Bank donations in accordance with the banking guidelines
- Collect all display stands and equipment at the end of the day
After the event:
- Thank street collectors for their help
- Provide feedback to the coordinators
We anticipate that this would require a total commitment of between 35 and 55 hours over the next 2 months

What We Have In Place

Please refer to our website for further details:
4 July 2019 @ 6:30pm - 1 o 1 Training
21 July 2019 @ 4:00pm - Health & Safety and Orientation or
23 July 2019 @ 7:00pm - Health & Safety and Orientation

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