Develop our vision into a reality

Develop our vision into a reality

Develop our vision into a reality
Jaaliyada Somaalida Canterbury

Estimated Time: 8 - 12 Hours Over 1 - 1 Months

After the March 15 attacks in Christchurch, the Somali Community who live and work in Canterbury, have been severely impacted with the tragic loss of life from some of our own community. We would like to document the affect of the events and aftermath to preserve the history in our own Somali language and English for future generations. We have a vision of making a documentary by inviting an experienced overseas TV crew to produce and film. with a focus on the voices and stories of our community. We are seeking help from a volunteer who can help us articulate our idea into a strong and impactful business case. We have a vision but lack the skills to translate our vision into a written document which could lead us to secure funding. Your skills could make our vision reality!

Working location

We are based in Christchurch but would be happy to work with a volunteer from anywhere is NZ

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Brief and introduction ( 1 hour)
Research and reading ( 1-2 hours)
Meeting to brainstorm and work through the vision (1-2 hours)
Draft business case/document (4-5 hours)
Finalise - edits (1-2 hours)

What We Have In Place

We have recently registered as a charity.
You would be working with the Chairperson to develop this plan

Jaaliyada Somaalida Canterbury
Good Cause
To promote and protect the interests of the Somali community (Jaaliyada Somalida) who live in Canterbury .
What we Do
We provide an effective bridge between the community and the wider New Zealand community. We advocate on issues affecting the community by engaging in social and political processes, enabling families and individuals to achieve the opportunities available within New Zealand Society. We organise events and functions which mark important events in Somali culture and can provide help, advice or counsel to both individuals and groups of people in the community