Highlight visually the work we do.

Highlight visually the work we do.

Highlight visually the work we do.
Heart Kids Canterbury

Estimated Time: 10 - 15 Hours Over 1 - 3 Weeks

We need your skills in photo editing or graphic design to develop a range of promotional material for us. We need help in delivering the following: - use our base photos and 'stories' to present attractive A1 photo story boards for display at events - produce designs and layouts using our logo and colour options - Produce edited photos from the ones we have onto a background with our logo for printing and digital use. - edit our photos for other uses with stories for our advertising and promotion in news etc - if necessary we can arrange for more photo sessions if the ones we have will not work. - hoping on 10 story boards for use that are similar to one attached - but with better editing.

Working location

Working in your own space . I am in Christchurch and work from home so if you are Christchurch based and want to meet to discuss and to look at the previous boards we can do this at my place or at a cafe or at your space. happy to work virtually via calls/emails. Totally flexible with times.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1. I give you the photos and short pieces of writing we have ready to be worked on, our logos, colour schemes etc and contact information and our examples of photo boards done previously and info about us. Expected time commitment from volunteer - 1 to 2 hours reviewing
2. Meet to discuss the design brief and best ways it might be done - will we need more photos or other materials, option for design etc and estimated time line for delivery - Expected time commitment from volunteer - 1 to 2 hours meeting
3. Volunteer begins the design process - querying or sending examples as needed. Expected time commitment from volunteer - 7 to 10 hours
4. Volunteer incorporates the final feedback and produces 5 to 10 A1 sized storyboards for us for print and digital use. Expected time commitment from volunteer - 1 to 2 hours

What We Have In Place

We have a logo, and colour scheme and past examples of boards - but the logo has changed since they were done.
We have had volunteer photographers take photos of some heart children who are happy to be used on the boards. If these are not the right quality we can arrange another photos session - but if we do I would suggest we use professional photographers so would ask HelpTank for help with this.

Heart Kids Canterbury
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Heart Kids mission is to provide lifelong support to all affected by a congenital heart condition or heart disease acquired through childhood. Each week 12 babies are born with a congenital heart condition in NZ and over 550 major heart surgeries are carried out on children each year.
What we Do
Heart Kids is the only organisation dedicated to providing that support every step of the heart journey, from when a heart condition is diagnosed and into adulthood. Families facing this huge challenge need support. They need someone nearby who can listen and offer practical advice and share information. And they need to know they are not alone. Heart Kids Canterbury helps children and families cope with the day to day challenges that having a serious heart condition brings. Canterbury children travel to Auckland hospital for treatment and surgery, away from home, their family and friends. Our trained Family Support workers visit to deliver information and support. They provide practical and financial help to enable families to get through the traumatic time. Sadly 30 to 50 children will lose their battle to survive each year. We support heart angel families and we provide events for all heart families to meet others so they feel less alone. We visit, listen, understand and act.