Help us get Charity Status

Help us get Charity Status

Help us get Charity Status
Sustainable Homelessness

Estimated Time: 7 - 10 Hours Over 1 - 3 Weeks

We need a volunteer to assist us in taking us through the steps to becoming a charity. Our aim is to empower the homeless community to enable them back to work and integrate into society. We want to offer half day work opportunities in odd jobs like lawn mowing and cleaning services. The other half of the day in an education environment to learn life skills, new opportunities, etc to help with community engagement, sustainable living and human development. This encompasses the needs and wants of our homeless community, finding the help services they need and creating a sustainable economic future for our homeless members. Our community group has done a lot of planing with a homeless leadership group. Other volunteers that have put in endless hours of ideas and application of those ideas. So next step is to become a charity with your skill and guidance.

Working location

We are based in Hamilton but happy to work with a volunteer from anywhere.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

General planning (1 hour)

Rules we need to implement (2 hours)

Talk us through the application process (1 hour)

Filling out the application together (3 hours)

What We Have In Place

Sustainable Homelessness
Community Group
Economic Development
Financial Support
Good Cause
Health - Elders
Health and Nutrition
Mental Health
Social Services
Wellbeing - Older People
Welcome to Sustainable Homelessness, we are about social innovation where everyday people can help change the lives and living standards of our homeless community.
What we Do
We give hope, compassion, understanding, provide help & support, advocate their needs & wants, build long term partnerships with the intent to invest - empower - strengthen this community with the hope this will improve lives, show we care & respect and are compassionate about helping our homeless community. The first step is to understand the history, needs & wants and future goals of our homeless member. The second step is finding the help services that can have an immediate positive impact in helping our homeless member. The third step is we work with our member to build his or her sustainable future.