Students Against Dangerous Driving Prospectus

Students Against Dangerous Driving Prospectus

Students Against Dangerous Driving Prospectus
Students Against Dangerous Driving

Estimated Time: 10 - 20 Hours Over 1 - 2 Weeks

We are a small organisation with a National reach. Our goal is to empower young kiwis to be leaders in their communities to help their peers be safe on our roads. We need a prospectus to explain SADD's purpose and goals as well as the benefits and opportunities for young kiwis. We want to encourage Schools to support students to start SADD groups and how it will benefit them. This will make a difference as currently we have no such document and are limited in our ability to develop this on our own.

Working location

We have offices in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. We are flexible where we would meet any volunteers.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Design prospectus - 10-20 hours
We would really love this to be completed ASAP as we would like to send to schools by the end of school year -early December 2019 so they have it in their mind for 2020.

We would like a hard copy and an electronic version.

What We Have In Place

All the brand, logo, photos
A draft prospectus - just need someone with experience to put it together for us. @saddnz

Students Against Dangerous Driving
Good Cause
Health - Children
Wellbeing - Children
SADD exists to empower young Kiwis to prevent road trauma. SADD is a student led, peer to peer programme that gives youth a voice to effect and inspire safe road user behaviours. SADD supports and provides a platform for youth to amplify safe road user messages to their communities.
What we Do
New Zealand youth form SADD committees in Schools. Students use problem solving processes to develop innovative, relevant and meaningful activities to support young Kiwis to develop safer, lifelong road user behaviours. The SADD team provide guidance and support using best practice, evidence based, road safety education approaches to influence their peers and wider community to positively promote safe road user behaviours. SADD is supported by teachers, other community volunteers and road safety partners to run activities and events promoting our six principles of safe road use. We encourage whole of community approaches to reduce the incidence and severity of harm caused by road trauma.