Graphic Designer needed for SEA Brand Awareness

Graphic Designer needed for SEA Brand Awareness

Graphic Designer needed for SEA Brand Awareness
Social Enterprise Auckland

Estimated Time: 6 - 8 Hours Over 1 - 2 Weeks

We would like help from a creative with graphic design to create some images and banners to place on social media to help promote our brand awareness for Social Enterprise Auckland (SEA).

Working location

Waitakere Township - Auckland

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1. Virtual Meeting to discuss requirements and ideas
2. Email current images
3. Develop images for FB
$. Finalise and discuss specific advertising suggestions

What We Have In Place

Social Enterprise Auckland
Economic Development
Financial Support
Good Cause
Social Enterprise Auckland is a collaborative project that​ aspires to build momentum and connect social enterprises together, illuminate their stories, and amplify investment opportunities. We are building a culture where all business considers creating social benefit.
What we Do
Information Up-to-date information on social enterprise development. Workshops and events to introduce newcomers to the world of social enterprise and to help experienced practitioners develop. Connection Access to support and training services. Access to networks between social enterprises, and between social enterprises and other potential partners. Inspiration Stories of social enterprises, their journeys and their successes. Public Voice A public voice on matters that are important to our members. Promoting the many benefits that social enterprises bring to local communities, businesses, local and central government, charities and the environment.