Trainers and support team member for the conservation system EcoTrack

Trainers and support team member for the conservation system EcoTrack

Trainers and support team member for the conservation system EcoTrack

Estimated Time: 10 - 20 Hours Over 4 - 12 Weeks

We are seeking a number of volunteers with good communications skills who can help new users of the conservation system EcoTrack with training and issue resolution. The usual process is to meet with a conservation group at a location that suits them, to talk through their needs, to help them set up the system for their group, help them learn how to use it and then to provide support for users as they start putting it to practice.

Working location

Various locations across Auckland - currently focussing on Auckland's North Shore, Howick and west Auckland often in volunteer group members' homes. A site is available in Birkenhead to deliver classes.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Learn how to use EcoTrack (10 hours over 2 to 4 weeks)
- Deliver a training session with an experienced trainer (4 hours over 1 to 3 weeks)
- Support a conservation group (time frame varies greatly)
- Provide feedback to the development team on bugs, issues and areas for further development

What We Have In Place

The EcoTrack system has been in use for about two years.
It won the Mayor of Auckland's Environmental Innovation award in 2018.
The system works on a downloadable smart phone app and an internet setup

The main modules in use are:
(1) Predator control
(2) Weed control
(3) Volunteer work reporting

The system provides a volunteer level and administrator level login.

Other modules are being introduced progressively.
There is an introductory "how to" sheet is available on request to

Community Group
Good Cause
EcoEngage is a collaborative volunteer group set up to develop and support conservation software that will allow conservation groups to operate more efficiently and collaboratively - reducing the desk work and maximising conservation outcomes and the sharing of information.
What we Do
Our volunteers help to develop the conservation software and to integrate it with other tools such as iNaturalist, CatchIT and relationship management systems. We are looking for business analysts, developers and support staff for specific projects and for ongoing support and development work. We would welcome volunteers with relevant experience and skills in helping to provide better, more integrated systems for conservation volunteers and groups.