Project Coordinator for Friends of Le Roys Bush

Project Coordinator for Friends of Le Roys Bush

Project Coordinator for Friends of Le Roys Bush
Friends of Le Roys Bush

Estimated Time: 1 - 2 Hours Over 40 - 120 Weeks

We are looking for a person who has experience getting on well with people and has an interest in NZ's native bush. The role involves - liaising with volunteers about activities - keeping track of the Le Roys Bush contact database - coordinating 4 newsletters a year and regular Facebook posts - liaising with other groups in the Beyond the Fence project around Le Roys Bush Support will be available from the retiring coordinator and other members of the management committee An introduction to the various systems and processes will be provided. Please note that the number of hours shown is an estimate average per week. You would be welcome to do more or you may find ways to reduce the workload. The role is an ongoing one - but you may like to get things organized so it is easy to share around or hand over.

Working location

Birkenhead / Northcote on Auckland's North Shore - you can work from home.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Early 2020
- learning about Le Roys Bush from the website
- read the Le Roys Bush Management Plan
- liaise with the Kaipatiki Local Board and Auckland Council staff about the new omnibus Kaipatiki Parks Management Plan
- meeting key Le Roys Bush supporters
- becoming an administrator for the Facebook page

Later in 2020
- liaising with Le Roys Bush supporters and stakeholders
- identifying possible projects for the future and finding people to support the projects
- fielding questions on the Facebook site
- initiating a re-vamp of the website (possibly onboarding a volunteer with web skills to undertake this)

2021 -
- too soon to tell

What We Have In Place

A Management Plan for Le Roys Bush
A submission on the new Kaipatiki Parks Management Plan
A website
A Facebook page
A management committee and a charitable trust
A good working relationship with:
- The Birkenhead Residents Association
- Pest Free Kaipatiki Restoration Society
- Beyond the Fence Project and local neighbour
- the Auckland Council parks volunteer ranger and other Council officers
An extensive contact list
A Google email address and Google document repository with the history of the group since about 2007

We will have guidelines in place to assist the successful volunteer to undertaken the project

The position could be shared by a couple or parent and child.
The successful person should have the following key skills
- good communications skills - written, spoke, and social media
- an outgoing manner with the ability to listen to various views
- the ability to reconcile various views and concerns and to discuss them with committee members

The potential benefits of this role will be:
- gaining knowledge and skills in bush restoration which could help in gaining future work in this area
- developing experience in administration and project coordination
- meeting a really nice group of local people
- contributing to our environment and native biodiversity

Friends of Le Roys Bush
The Le Roys Bush trust and the Management Committee are committed to implementing the Le Roys Bush and Little Shoal Bay Management Plan to protect and enhance this beautiful reserve and surrounding bush - see
What we Do
* providing guardianship of Le Roys Bush & Little Shoal Bay Reserves * ensuring they are maintained and nurtured, in accordance with the Management Plan through appropriate planting/weeding programmes, water and runoff management, track maintenance, appropriate constructions and signage, and other matters generally * making representation and submissions ... for the benefit of the public within New Zealand, * promoting public understanding, support and use of The Reserves including the leased areas, * liaising with and providing educational material to owners and occupiers of properties neighbouring the reserves and also to the general public