Centennial Park Bush Society

Estimated Time: Over

We need someone proficient in Wordpress to make our website more attractive, include a pay on line feature with automatic receipting and to work with our social media person and Chair to coordinate the website/blog with social media.

Working location

Campbells Bay, North Shore. This can be done on line or with zoom

Proposed project steps with time estimates

First you will meet with our Social media committee member who has good marketing ideas and is social media savvy and easy to work with. She will work with you to improve the website in the first instance and to then work with you to coordinate news items so that the website and social media are linked.

Many thanks for considering this. Cheers

What We Have In Place

We have a Facebook page - Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary, an Instagram site and a Wordpress website. We use mailchimp for sign ups and send weekly mail chimp emails.

http://www.centennialparkbushsociety.org.nz/ https://www.facebook.com/campbellsbayurbansanctuary/

Centennial Park Bush Society
Community Group
CPBS works to improve the environment of Campbells Bay and Centennial Park through pest plant control, predator control, planting, stream care, track maintenance and advocacy.
What we Do
We meet weekly in the park and monthly on the weekend to tackle pest plants, plant trees, care for the stream, carry out predator control, maintain the track network, advocate for nature and run the Campbells Bay Urban Sanctuary
Centennial Park Bush Society