Help with our Marketing Campaign

Help with our Marketing Campaign

Help with our Marketing Campaign

Estimated Time: Over

Help with our marketing campaign to crowd-fund completion of our tree-growing app. We want to launch a campaign around seed collection to grow up native seedlings as soon as possible to tie into our PledgeMe campaign. This must be active and doing well by 3rd April when we are taking part in the Climate Action Festival after the next Climate Protest in Auckland Central. Please help us with: Campaign strategy. Marketing assets (photography, content, video) We're currently running on zero funds and have gotten partway through initial build with under $5000 and a lot of resourcefulness and generosity from others. We're so close to getting funding but believe we have to have a working, revenue generating pilot in play to achieve the level required. Our crowd-funding campaign will allow us to continue building without being diverted into activites around funding competitions or gaining investment and focus on getting this product out and doing good in the world as soon as possible.

Working location

Remote or Auckland

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Campaign strategy: 1 day - meeting with team and confirming deliverables.
Asset planning: 1 day - assess and plan resources, timeline and costs required to meet deliverables.
Asset creation: 3 days

What We Have In Place

Active social media channels and followers.
Events planned post climate strike April 3rd and at Women 4 Climate conference in Sydney in March.
Access to what we've done so far and any logos and assets required. Existing links to photographers and film-makers.

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