Charity Accountant (Payable/Receivable)

Charity Accountant (Payable/Receivable)

Charity Accountant (Payable/Receivable)
Healing Innovation Hub

Estimated Time: 5 - 20 Hours Over

Our charity Healing Innovation Hub needs an Accountant to assist with budget, forecast, taxes for our charity, etc. We have a Book Keeper but we're just needing a bit of guidance in terms of finances while dealing with funding applications etc. We also need your great skills for charity tax laws & also keeping track records of finances, receipts, etc. Your help would be great!

Working location

Wherever you are

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Have online webinar meeting with our Book Keeper & funding team to discuss funding applications
- Do up a few spreadsheet templates for dealing with hours each staff member works
- Do up a few spreadsheet templates for budget & forecast for funding applications
- Basic training using accounting software
- Basic training about tax for our registered charity

What We Have In Place

- A Treasurer/Book keeper
- Basic Budget templates/spreadsheets
- Business plan

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Healing Innovation Hub’s vision is to heal, innovate, & inspire all indigenous cultures worldwide. We do so by providing exceptional healing services mixed with creative innovation.
What we Do
Healing Innovation Hub Charity Objectives: • To promote holistic health and well-being in the community; • To establish and operate an indigenous helpline (Rongoā Korero) across different communication platforms, to provide high-quality advocacy and counselling support for individuals nationwide; • To promote and improve community access to health and well-being resources, including by: o creating and providing access to a database of holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources; o providing a referral process to holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources; • To undertake research and development projects, and collaborate with, tertiary institutions and technology organisations to develop innovative resources to promote and improve holistic health and well-being; • To develop accessible digital applications and other resources, to promote and improve community health and well-being; • To provide therapeutic programmes