Audacity Podcast Editors needed!

Audacity Podcast Editors needed!

Audacity Podcast Editors needed!
Healing Innovation Hub

Estimated Time: 2 - 5 Hours Over 10 - 20 Weeks

Healing Innovation Hubs mission is to overcome abuse, suicude, & mental health using therapy & innovation. We have just started our H.I Heal & Inspire podcast project. Interviewing inspirational people who have overcome different trauma experiences. We need your help with editing these audio recordings using Audacity software to keep up with launching a new podcast fortnightly. We need people who are skilled with using Audacity software for editing podcasts - or keen to learn. It's not hard at all! Come join our inspirational, hardworking team!

Working location

Anywhere nationwide in NZ

Proposed project steps with time estimates

- Get educated with using Audacity
- Edit the podcast interviews

What We Have In Place

- Audacity account
- Microsoft 365/Trello to upload the audio recordings
- Lipsync account to upload the audios

Healing Innovation Hub
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Healing Innovation Hub’s mission is to promote holistic health & wellbeing using therapy & innovation. Heal. Innovation. Inspire.
What we Do
Healing Innovation Hub Charity Objectives: • To promote holistic health and well-being in the community; • To establish and operate an indigenous helpline (Rongoā Korero) across different communication platforms, to provide high-quality advocacy and counselling support for individuals nationwide; • To promote and improve community access to health and well-being resources, including by: o creating and providing access to a database of holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources; o providing a referral process to holistic health and well-being service providers and other community resources; • To undertake research and development projects, and collaborate with, tertiary institutions and technology organisations to develop innovative resources to promote and improve holistic health and well-being; • To develop accessible digital applications and other resources, to promote and improve community health and well-being; • To provide therapeutic programmes