Photo Shoot For Talk Peach Campaign!

Photo Shoot For Talk Peach Campaign!

Photo Shoot For Talk Peach Campaign!
Talk Peach

Estimated Time: 5 - 10 Hours Over 1 - 2 Days

We need an experienced photographer to shoot a nationwide print campaign for gynaecological cancers.

Working location


Proposed project steps with time estimates

We have an amazing campaign coming out. And require someone to shoot 6-7 prominent New Zealanders for the print side of it.

We need a photographer to shoot and edit the campaign for us and a studio location. Flexible on location.

What We Have In Place

The talent, the product, the strategy for roll out.

Talk Peach
Disease & Medical Research
Good Cause
Vision: Inform New Zealanders on gynaecological disease and connect and support those who are diagnosed.
What we Do
To provide support and education on gynaecological health To educate the community on the signs and symptoms of the 5 gynaecological cancers in order to reduce late diagnosis To provide information and support to all women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers To support advocacy and research into gynaecological cancer treatment and cures