We need a communication and marketing plan!

We need a communication and marketing plan!

We need a communication and marketing plan!
Taonga Education Centre

Estimated Time: 16 - 20 Hours Over 2 - 3 Months

Taonga Education Centre needs an amazing person(s) to develop a communication/marketing plan for our staff to implement. This plan will increase public awareness of Taonga and the services we provide, in turn hopefully this will increase engagement with whanau, tamariki and support from businesses and philanthropists.

Working location

Head Office located in Wiri, Manukau however can be completed remotely. Flexible location and can do during work hours or outside of work hours.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Step one: Materials and information supplied to volunteer e.g Strategic plan. Volunteer commitment - 3-4 hours reading and preparing for next meeting.
Step two: Brainstorming session. Volunteer commitment - 2 hours in meeting.
Step three: Completing communications/marketing plan. Volunteer commitment - 8-10 hours.
Step four: Meet to discussion the draft plan. Volunteer commitment - 1 hour.
Step five: Feedback and finalising. Volunteer commitment - 2 hours.

What We Have In Place

Taonga Education Centre
Totally Acknowledging Our Next Generation’s Abilities Objectives To encourage the development of potential, either individually and/or collectively by placing the Rangatahi and Tamariki as the core of the whanau of what we do Place Rangatahi and Tamariki at the core of what we do by encouraging the
What we Do
Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust was registered officially as a Trust in 2004, serving as the catalysts in the development of services to meet the needs of teenage mothers and their tamariki under the umbrella of Taonga Education Centre Charitable Trust’s early childcare, social, cultural, health and education plan.The name ‘Taonga/Treasure “Totally acknowledging our next generations abilities” was chosen for the Programme because both the mothers and their babies are viewed as “Taonga to the World”. The 2002 academic year saw the launch of what has now become a very successful Programme.