SEO Expert needed!

SEO Expert needed!

SEO Expert needed!
Common Knowledge Trust

Estimated Time: 5 - 10 Hours Over 2 - 3 Weeks

From 2005-2013 we were found on the first page of 'childbirth preparation' and 'vaginal birth after a cesarean'. We are now seeking to move our year-old website onto the first page of 'online birthing classes'. We need your help.

Working location

Work from your home

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1. Research the websites on 1st page of 'online birthing classes' 1-2 hours
2. Find out what we need to get onto the 1st page 1-2 hours
3. Implement 1-2 hours
4. Teach me how to 1-2 hours

What We Have In Place

Common Knowledge Trust
Family Support
Health - Family
International Aid
Maternal Health
Parental Support
Kapiti Coast
Our Trust has been promoting for 50 years a global self-learning skills-based approach to all births and now via our online birthing classes.
What we Do
We create easy to learn birth and birth-coaching skills that were developed by hundreds of mothers and fathers.