Take my hands needs a hand

Take my hands needs a hand

Take my hands needs a hand
Take my Hands

Estimated Time: 50 - 100 Hours Over 3 - 12 Months

Take my Hands has been around for 10 years this year and we've grown from a tiny micro-organisation having big impact, to a small but effective organisation making massive impact. So its time for us to revamp our image and we could really use a hand because that's not our area of expertise at all. Need support to work out what our brand and how best to communicate it. .... Ideally looking for someone to kick us off as a volunteer but we know that its a big job so we are looking at how we compensate moving forward. So someone willing to work with us through that would be great.

Working location

remotely - we all work remotely in our team, and then when needed meet in shared workspaces or meeting spaces. So hoping to find someone who can work that like too - but open to finding a way that works best for you.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

1 - kick off - Meeting and connection - so we can learn about you and you about us.
2 - 1st month - Project planning - working together to look at best steps forward and what is required. This is also where we can work out what is appropriate for volunteer hours and what is more appropriately paid time.
3 - 2nd & 3rd month - Rebrand - developing (with us) the brand and elements around that 1 to 3 months.
4 - 3rd to 6th month - Development off brand elements, comm's strategy and plan, and collateral

Ideally launch new brand in time for 10 year anniversary in November.

What We Have In Place

We have an existing website, social media, logo and some basic visual branding elements but are open to changing that.


And you can search for us on social - although we've been average at keeping that up to date.

Take my Hands
Disaster Relief
Health - Children
Health - Elders
Health - Family
International Aid
Improving lives of those in need through access to medical equipment
What we Do
The trust was set up by principals in West Auckland to look to support youth including our most at risk youth, succeed in education. The Collective Impact Initiative is a cross sector collaborative approach to making change for young people. It started in early 2016 and in 2017 will see its first collaborative body of work kick off, a growth in the organisations, agencies, funders, businesses, and community involved and interested in the project, and the start of what will become and extensive evaluation project to make sure all the work we’re doing is actually making a difference.