Progressive Synagogue needs to develop a comms strategy

Progressive Synagogue needs to develop a comms strategy

Progressive Synagogue needs to develop a comms strategy
Beth Shalom synagogue

Estimated Time: 1 - 4 Hours Over

We need to get a communications strategy underway in order to keep our 200 members engaged in our community. Our not-for-profit is run primarily by volunteers such as myself (I am president of the board of management, see photo for our whole Board). The time urgent need is that the volunteer that has been hosting our website ( for 20 years will stop this year. It was outdated anyways, and our whole comms strategy needs a refresh. The Jewish community in Auckland is small and having people develop relationships with us and each other will help us survive and thrive.

Working location

180 Manukau Rd in Epsom, but we are also used to Zoom. We are thinking of a one-off consultation to develop a comms strategy, either a weeknight or Sunday. We are flexible.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Initial meeting with the Board of Management and the Rabbi - 1 hour
Develop comms strategy - 2 hour session with 6-10 Beth Shalom volunteers, including one who does copywriting/marketing but doesn't have time to take this on as a project herself - ideally in person at the synagogue in Epsom, or at my house in St Heliers, or on Zoom if needed
Guide us to engage with a web designer - 1 hour

ideally this all occurs before Christmas but we realise it's a busy time of year

What We Have In Place

Our website is we have a Facebook page - Beth Shalom Progressive Congregation or search for Beth Shalom Auckland in Pages
we have a weekly email newsletter and a monthly newsletter
we have lots of photos of recent events

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