Progressive Synagogue needs help developing a fundraising strategy

Progressive Synagogue needs help developing a fundraising strategy

Progressive Synagogue needs help developing a fundraising strategy
Beth Shalom synagogue

Estimated Time: Over

We need to get a fundraising strategy underway in order to keep our fabulous clergy, Rabbi Dean Shapiro, and enable him to move to Auckland and stay for a long-term contract. Our not-for-profit is otherwise run by volunteers such as myself (I am president of the board of management), and a part-time administrator. We have had Rabbi Dean with us on a part-time basis commuting from New Plymouth. He has been fantastic and we need more of him, but can't afford him on our current budget. In addition, we need to shift our thinking from basic fundraising campaigns to a philosophy of philanthropy. We need an 'elevator pitch' in time for mid-September, which is the Jewish new year, and traditionally our key opportunity to sell ourselves and encourage people to make a donation to the synagogue. We have been grateful to a small group of large donors who donate every year, but want to create a culture where everyone donates to their ability, in an ongoing way, including bequests for example.

Working location

180 Manukau Rd in Epsom, but we are all working from home also so used to Zoom. We are flexible for daytime or evening meetings as needed.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Initial meeting with the Board of Management and the Rabbi - 1 hour
Develop 'elevator pitch'
Review draft and discuss
Final 'elevator pitch' ready for 15 September to be used by Board president in her address to the congregation

What We Have In Place

Our website is we also have a Facebook page - Beth Shalom Progressive Congregation or search for Beth Shalom Auckland in Pages
we have lots of photos of recent events
In the past we have run successful annual fundraising campaigns on Give A Little We are planning to reach out to the small group of large donors during the month of August (introductory email/letter followed up by phone call), establish a fundraising committee, and then launch the annual campaign in mid-Sept to the whole congregation

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