Movie Magic needed for a Wonderful Wetland

Movie Magic needed for a Wonderful Wetland

Movie Magic needed for a Wonderful Wetland
Matuku Link

Estimated Time: 1 - 3 Days Over 1 - 3 Weeks

We're a wetland conservation project with the aim to educate the next generation of environmental kaitiaki about the importance of wetlands and clean water. We've captured the Wetland Education Program but it needs editing to be turned into three short videos: one to show our volunteer educators what they need to know (long), one for schools (short) so they know what to expect and how excited and engaged the students are, and one for businesses (short) to entice them to fund this incredibly important work. If you can help with one or more, we'd love to hear from you!

Working location

You can work from home, or in our Wetland Education Centre (aka a renovated barn) in Te Henga, Waitakere, West Auckland.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Phone or in person 'hello' and get to know each other.
Discuss in a bit more detail what we're looking for and your advise on how to do this (how long the videos are, what format etc).
Agree on what it is you will be able to do by when
For you to download the videos we already have, look at them and let us know what more you need (images, sound, voice overs, subtitles).
Make a first draft of the video
Discuss the draft, make any changes we agree on
Publish it as a final product
Have a party to celebrate :)

What We Have In Place

Videos of our lesson, other videos generically of the project (see the "matuku link" channel on YouTube, thousands of photos.
We have some people with great voices who can do voice-overs if needed.

Our eternal gratitude!!! Also if you're coming to our project, we'll show you around the amazing work our volunteers have been doing.

Matuku Link
Community Group
Matuku Link, a haven for native forest and wetland fauna and flora, a vital link between West Auckland's conservation projects, and a site where active wetland restoration is part of wetland conservation education for groups of all ages.
What we Do
We grow native plants in our nursery, to plant in our 37 hectare wetland and forest site adjacent to Auckland's largest wetland: Te Henga (Bethells), along the Waitakere River valley. We protect our native birds, insects and all other flora and fauna by pest control. We are building a "Sustainable Wetland Education Centre" in our old barn. All this is done by volunteers: locals, students, school groups, businesses, Scouts and everyone who likes to support nature, learn something and make friends along the way.
Matuku Link