GBB Social Bitch

GBB Social Bitch

GBB Social Bitch
Good Bitches Trust

Estimated Time: 0 - 5 Hours Over 6 - 24 Months

GBB has a very active and engaged social media audience, across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We rely heavily on our online presence to communicate our kaupapa, and to activate public support so we need a crew of Social Bitches to keep our channels chatty and engaging. You’ll also need to have somewhere to work and the equipment to get things done (eg computer, internet access and phone).

Working location

You'll be working from home, and on the roster for a week at a time, about once a month depending on how many in the Social Bitch crew and what's going on in everyone's lives. We have a two-monthly ish team meeting in the evening - this has been scheduled to suit the current crew but timing can be revisited if necessary.

Proposed project steps with time estimates

As one of our Social Bitches, you’ll be rostered on for a week at a time to manage our content rollout across our channels. This is usually not more than about five hours time in your week.

We usually have four Social Bitches so you’ll be on about once a month – this can be a little more or less depending on how many in the crew and what else is going on in people’s lives.

You’ll also respond to comments and messages and check in if you need help.

We communicate via a WhatsApp group chat and you’ll have the M&C Manager’s phone number for urgent situations. We use Canva to create tiles, with templates set up for most things, and there’s a content bank in Google Drive.

You’ll focus on:
● Posting social content
● Creating or sourcing imagery (mostly from the Chapter Facebook groups)
● Supporting the other Social Bitches
● Keeping an eye on incoming comments and messages and responding to them
● Maintaining our brand integrity across our social channels

Over time, these duties may be expanded if you and GBB see potential for development.

What We Have In Place

We use WhatsApp, email, and phones for internal comms, and GDrive and Canva for file storage and creation, and there are pretty great templates and systems set up. We also have 30 chapters around the country who have their own private FB groups - you'll be a member of these so you can source content and images and your feed will be full of delicious baking photos.

We'll talk you through the role and how everything fits together, and make sure you're comfy - the M&C Manager and Social Team Lead are on hand if you get stuck.

Our socials are:
Facebook @GBBaking
Twitter @GoodBitchesBake
Instagram @GoodBitchesBake
LinkedIn @GoodBitchesBake

If you've got hot tips for how to get our very friendly swear around Facebook's algorithm, that's a bonus!

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What we Do
Good Bitches Baking is a network of people who want to show kindness to those in their communities who are having a tough time. We do this by baking them a delicious treat. ​There are too many people out there having a tough time: families with children in hospital; those using food banks and soup kitchens; residents in hospice and their loved ones; women and children fleeing domestic violence. We hope to give them just a moment of sweetness in their time of crisis. ​People tell us that knowing someone cared enough to make them a treat helped them through the toughest of days.