Community garden

Community garden

Community garden

Estimated Time: Over 4 - 6 Hours

Enthusiasm: We are creating a community garden. It will be a place where the community can come together and work, share and gather together. The idea is that we will grow big crops in this gardens space for the families in our community to enjoy. In difficult times we want to create sustainability and use more land to grow nutritious food. So far it is a bare paddock that pet piggies have turned over. A lot of organic matter needs to be added to make a nourishing soil for planting crops. It is a labour intensive work lots of digging, shoveling etc...

Working location

Totarabank community, Wairarapa. In work hours or weekend

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Prepare 30 minutes
Cart organic matter 4 hours by two people.
Spread organic matter 4 hours by two people
Dig in 5 hours by 4-7 people

What We Have In Place

We have shovels, forks, gloves, water, snacks, organic matter

What we Do