Medical/Social Service IT upgrade

Medical/Social Service IT upgrade

Medical/Social Service IT upgrade
Te Whanganui-a-Tara Youth Development Trust

Estimated Time: 60 - 120 Hours Over 10 - 15 Weeks

We need help finding a Patient Management System that doesn't make us cry! Evolve is a Youth One Stop Shop, Supporting rangatahi in Te Whanganui-a-Tara to thrive, connecting them to timely, accessible, and engaging health, wellbeing, and support services. We need to replace Medtech32 (the "32" is a giveaway about the vintage of this product) to a new patient management system that meets our varied needs: * about 70% of our mahi is primary health, and so although we are not a GP practice as such, it needs to meet these requirements * we also provide youth support, groups, programmes, counselling, mentoring, advocacy etc. - and the IT system should support and enable all of these, and not make everything about clinical diagnosis. The current phase is developing a robust requirements list - exploring how each provider meets the varies needs we have. To do this we need someone good at business analysis and project methodology - maybe even holding our hand the whole way through!

Working location

CBD - Cuba St Area

Proposed project steps with time estimates

Stage 1: Business analysis - to workshop with our team on requirements and document that (40-60 hours across 2 weeks) and to help send request for proposals (start ASAP)
Stage 2: Vendor proposals review (up to one day support, we can carry this internally if need be). Time arranging demonstrations/visits would be useful.
Stage 3: Business case developed for board (could be internal resource, but support welcomed)
Stage 4: Implementation project - approx 8 hours per week supporting project delivery across 8 weeks - arranging and supporting liaison with vendors, training etc.

What We Have In Place

We have an enthusiastic team, but need the support to ensure a successful project.
We will provide working spaces, laptop to use during project - and snacks. Always snacks.
Out IT services are provided by an external provider who will also be able to support.

We can publicly acknowledge support in our annual report, social media pages and online if you wish.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara Youth Development Trust
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Young people thrive as their authentic selves.
What we Do
Evolve is a Youth One Stop Shop (YOSS) that delivers free integrated primary health care and social support services to young people in Wellington. YOSS’ are uniquely placed to respond to the holistic needs of rangatahi in a way that empowers and actively involves them in decision-making which affects their wellbeing. This youth development approach is proven to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in Aotearoa, and we should continue to build on these strengths. We offer: * Groups and programmes (e.g. Fitness/Wellbeing classes, Learner Licence Workshops, First Aid Workshops) * Youth/Social Work - mentoring, advocacy, CV preparation, support finding housing, education etc. * Primary Healthcare - GP, nurses - with a significant number of rangatahi seeking mental health support * Counselling, including alcohol and other drug counselling